Dallas Doula and Childbirth Class Testimonials

What it’s like to have me as your doula…

Having Olivia attend the births of my two youngest children was a true blessing…

“After unsuccessfully attempting to give birth naturally in a hospital twice, I chose to give birth at a birthing center and then at home. While my husband is very present and supportive during the labor, he has not been comfortable with having the role of “labor coach”.When he decided I was at a point in labor where I could use Olivia’s help, she responded to his texts in the wee hours.”

Bill and Julie with their sweet family
Bill and Julie with their sweet family

“Olivia was there to offer suggestions about labor positions, drawing from her own experiences without turning the attention onto herself. She came with a massager and heat pad and was diligent to do all she could to help me stay encouraged, focused, and relaxed. When the midwife suggested breaking my waters, she made sure I was comfortable with that intervention. She also assisted in keeping me hydrated. When the joyous moment came to meet my little one, she grabbed the camera and snapped some precious photos. Soon after the birth, she took time to journal many details about the birth experience I would not have remembered otherwise. Olivia has a genuine concern for new mothers and is dedicated to helping them have the best birth experience possible.”  ~ Julie B.

“Dallas Natural Childbirth was one of the best decisions we made…

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Justin, Melissa, and newborn Calvin

We decided to not only take a birthing class, but also have Olivia be our doula. We are so very thankful and grateful for her. She was calm, patient, intuitive, encouraging, respectful, helpful, and kind.”   ~ Melisssa D.

More than just a childbirth class…

My husband and I are so grateful to have found Olivia and now have referred her to all our friends…

“She and her husband invest themselves in their students’ lives because they genuinely want the best for them and their whole family. She is compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, kind, gentle, and to top it all off she has a servant’s heart. She never makes you feel bad or stupid, but instead helps you feel empowered to make decisions for yourself whether they are mainstream or not.”

Candis and newborn Penny
Candis and newborn Penny

“My husband and I came to Olivia before the birth of our second child and realized how little we knew with the birth of our first child (which was an induced hospital birth). We both agreed that taking her class was one of the best decisions we could have made. We felt prepared for the natural hospital birth of our 10 lb. daughter and I believe that I had a healthier pregnancy because of  Olivia’s accountability. We got our money’s worth ten fold.”  ~ Candis L.

“I’m a postpartum nurse and found Olivia’s classes to be informative for both me and my husband…

as well as enjoyable to the point of looking forward to that time each week, and I was sad when they were over! She provides a nonjudgmental but very realistic perspective of childbirth and helps her students make informed and empowered decisions based on their own personal beliefs and preferences!”

Grant, Kelsey, and newborn Noelle
Grant, Kelsey, and newborn Noelle

“I also had her as my doula (something which she does not push during her classes for you to hire her, but once you meet her you know you don’t want to do it without her) and she was wonderful! She was the calming, steadfast, reassurance we all needed throughout the labor and delivery process and beyond! I recommend her and her classes to anyone looking to learn more and truly be informed when making decisions about their own birth, natural or not!”    ~ Kelsey Z.

“I highly recommend Olivia for her expertise in natural childbirth as well as her calm, kind, and supportive personality…

We found out about Olivia late in my pregnancy and signed up for her next available childbirth class, which started just 4 weeks before my due date. We’d hoped to make it to at least 3 or 4 weeks of the class, but our son decided to surprise us all by being 3 weeks early and we only made it to one class!”

Aiden with Matt and Melody
Aiden with Matt and Melody

“Even though we were only able to attend one class session with Olivia, I learned so much that I was able to use during labor and am so thankful I was able to deliver my son naturally. We’ve already decided that when it’s time for baby #2, we’re signing up for class with Olivia as soon as we find out we’re pregnant!”  ~  Melody, Matt, and Aiden F.

These childbirth classes were the best we have been through…

“We loved Olivia, her sweet personality, and her sincere care for our pregnancy!” ~ Kim H.

“We started her classes when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I had been wanting to do a natural birth, and wanted to be informed…

for when the time came. Taking her class was one of the best things I could have done to prepare! She gave a nonjudgmental approach to her teaching that gave us the information about every aspect of labor, birth, hospital policies and interventions, and breastfeeding while not pressuring us to make any decision.

Halfway through her class we realized we HAD to have her there with us and decided to hire her to be our doula. Her personal experience and training allow her to be a calming presence in the room which is SO needed during what can be a scary and overwhelming time. She was our rock and gave my husband the ability to take a nap while making sure I had support the entire 12 hours of my labor. I think this was the most important and needed aspect of having her as our doula. Even if I had been in a hospital (we used a birthing center), and had an epidural, I cannot imagine not having her support there during such an important time in our lives!

Jacob, Megan, and newborn Solomon
Jacob, Megan, and newborn Solomon

She was also there to help my son and I establish a good breastfeeding relationship. It was really nice having someone make sure we were doing well and answered any questions I had during those first few important weeks.”   ~ Megan B.

“Wonderful natural childbirth class in a great atmosphere…

Olivia teaches you so much and truly cares. I highly recommend her as a doula too. Had her for our first birth and will use her again!”  ~ Tricia R.

Photos courtesy of Julie Bridgeforth, Melissa Dickmann, Candis Linscott. “Grant, Kelsey, and newborn Noelle” – Hawkins Photography; “Aiden with Matt and Melody” – Cristina McClure Photography; “Jacob, Megan, and Solomon” – Olivia Welkener